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When you meet someone who truly excels in a profession such as real estate, it can be easy to assume there was an element of luck involved. In Cory's case, everything in his life transpired to form his character and business ethics into a Broker that clients consistently trust and rely on to help them through one of the most important decisions in their life.
The majority of Cory's business consists of past clients and the referral of their friends and family. Cory's clients go out of their way to ensure their closest friends and family benefit from Cory's vast experience, dedication, and philosophy that puts the client's interest above all else. Once you have met Cory, you can't help but consider that many of these referrals are likely the best way his clients could truly say thank you for an outcome and a level of service that surpassed their expectations.
When looking back, for most 19-year-olds, a summer job meant cutting grass or scrubbing dishes. Cory Martin, already a licensed Real Estate Salesperson, was helping clients often three times his age to make great decisions in buying and selling their homes. A second-generation real estate agent, Cory started his career with a work ethic that places great importance on hard work, honesty, and putting the needs of his clients before anything else. In his earlier years, Cory handled every aspect of the business himself. Photos, tailored marketing campaigns, market analysis, pricing strategies, negotiating, and coordinated transactions helped develop an intimate understanding of every aspect of the real estate industry from the ground up.
A lifelong Oakville resident, Cory's years playing AAA hockey instilled a strong sense of teamwork. Understanding that anything of importance needs a dedicated and talented team, Cory drew to himself the best in people in Staging, Photography, Marketing, Legal, and a host of other services vital to the success of his clients.
After graduating from the University of Western Ontario with his Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies and an Honors Specialization in Global Commerce, Cory took a hard look at the industry and could not see a future in the national chain brokerage format that rewarded the success of the agent over the success of the client. Cory knew that any lasting success depended on a laser focus on the client's success. Teaming up with Glenn, he established Martin Group in 2009. The rest is history.
Today, Cory is the Broker and Co-Owner of Martin Group, where he assists clients throughout Oakville, Burlington, and the Greater Toronto Area. Having established a network of satisfied clients that spans the Golden Horseshoe, he has cultivated systems, analytical tools, and a workflow to meet the needs of virtually any transaction.
When listing a property, Cory's clients find great success in his statistical analysis and numbers-based approach. Creating statistical models and in-depth spreadsheets with detailed sales data removes the standard bias and personal preferences to arrive at an accurate and professional valuation that clients trust. As an added value, the data is often shared with cooperating Real Estate Agents to help their clients appreciate the home's value and expedite negotiations. In Cory's own words, "Regardless of the market, finding the optimal price for a home is the best way to get my clients the most money, faster."
Elsewhere, Cory is just as attentive when assisting his buyers, drawing from his extensive knowledge of the GTA to uncover suitable homes and investments for clients. "Owning a home is not only a significant investment but also a lifestyle choice and an opportunity for our clients to create a prosperous life for their families," he says. "At the end of the day, we get so much enjoyment from helping them make such a huge life decision." Cory's approach is anything but passive: "We don't just sit around waiting for homes to come to market." Leaving no stone unturned, Cory reaches out into the community to pursue the dream home his client desires. Modestly going about his work, what often looks like a lucky break was hours of searching and a strategy that creates more buying options for his clients.
In the evolving world of instant information, Cory and Martin Group know it's their responsibility to provide clients with continuous market updates, statistical analysis, and, most importantly, the insight to help them make the best decisions regarding buying and selling. To quote one recent client, "I am so thankful to have had a team such as Cory and Glenn guide me down the road of home buying. It just makes it that much easier when you're working with people who care."
As a prominent and respected Broker, Cory has earned a strong reputation throughout the GTA for his professionalism and winning mindset. With the majority of sales coming from repeat clients and referrals and his team now crossing over $500 million in sales, he remains committed to the proven standards that have set Martin Group apart. "Since 2009, our team has been able to adapt to industry changes nimbly. Because we own the brokerage, we can pivot quickly with fluctuations in the market and offer key services that clients may not find elsewhere."
Along with spending quality time with his wife and their three daughters, Cory is dedicated to his community, with his team contributing to various events and charities throughout the year. Looking ahead, Cory is excited about his part in influencing the future of real estate. "We don't see real estate as a sales-driven industry," he says. "Rather, we see ourselves as trusted advisors for all our clients, providing the knowledge and experience to help them make great real estate decisions for them and their families."

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Our approach at the Martin Group is clear-cut: Your success is synonymous with our success. We are firm believers that supporting your accomplishments is a direct contribution to our own prosperity. Our dedication is evident in our provision of top-notch marketing, extensive market insights, and meticulous negotiation tactics.

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