Oakville has always been a great place for high-end GTA buyers to find the home of their dreams. Whether it’s Toronto elites looking for something bigger and a comfortable lifestyle or internationals adjusting to the life in the GTA, Oakville was and still is a coveted spot.  Generous space, world-class amenities, custom-made finishes, high-tech home solutions and a splendid very private and serene surrounding is what characterizes Oakville luxury homes. Adding Oakville’s location to the mix, excellent schools, the busy but heritage-rich downtown area as well as great employment opportunities are some of the reasons high-end GTA homebuyers pick Oakville to be their home.  

The demand for Oakville’s luxury housing stayed high even during the pandemic, and we saw a number of luxurious new detached homes (not only condos) being added to the community to meet the demand. Oakville luxury homes for sale vary from old restored heritage homes to contemporary modern new builds, making the variety of choice very wide. Toronto elites, GTA families and internationals looking to buy in the GTA area should explore the Oakville real estate market where some of the most astonishing luxury homes in the GTA can be found.  Here is what they will find.

Oakville’s luxury homes are surrounded by nature
Oakville luxury homes are very secluded and very private, often built on huge private lots surrounded by tree-lined streets, private parks, and sometimes they are very close to the lake. The natural element gives Oakville homes a special touch of peace and quiet, which many high-end Oakville buyers are looking for. Luxury detached homes come often with pools, private backyards, outdoor lounge areas in the front and back, all the while surrounded by green spaces and trees as far as the eye can reach. 

Oakville luxury homes are large with top-notch finishes
Luxury houses in Oakville are very spacious, often having five-six bedrooms, seven-eight bathrooms, a custom made gourmet kitchen equipped with the best and latest appliances, and several family areas that are usually accompanied by a fireplace, hardwood flooring, heated floors and so much more to offer the highest level of comfort. 

Natural lighting and massive windows 
Natural lighting matters to all homebuyers and the more of it there is, the better for the ambiance. And while many luxury homes come with plenty of lighting and windows, it is hard to keep up with the gorgeous resort-like views that can be found in Oakville luxury homes. Floor-to-ceiling windows are an essential part of Oakville luxury housing and not only do they let plenty of natural light in, they also provide you with great views of the impeccable surrounding- the trees, the lake, sometimes a park, etc. It is like living in your own private oasis. 

Top-level safety and convenience with smart technology
From smart alarm and surveillance systems to automated garage doors, automated heating and cooling systems run through Wi-Fi, you will find that Oakville luxury homes for sale are designed to make your day-to-day life easier in every aspect. Smart tech solutions in homes have come very far, and high-end homeowners in Oakville are among the leaders in following the latest trends. 

The luxury real estate market in Oakville is very vibrant, attracting homebuyers from all over the GTA, especially from Toronto, who enjoy having a big house and all the conveniences Oakville offers just 30 minutes away from Toronto. 

If you want to check out Oakville luxury homes and Oakville neighbourhoods, give Martin Group, one of the leading real estate brokers in Oakville, a call or contact Martin Group here.

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When it comes to new subdivisions, we give up the mature neighbourhood feel we get in places where trees stretch out and form a green canopy over the street. We exchange this for the convenience of a newly built home in the suburbs with our choice of lot and floor plan, no repairs, and the thrill of being part of a growing community.

However, we frequently overlook the fact that even the most established neighbourhoods today were once brand new. Therefore, we must start like all the older generations and plant trees for our new homes!

So, What Can We Do?

The first step in creating or rebuilding a green canopy is to plant trees where possible on individual lots. It does take time, but not nearly as much time as you might think.

Aside from planting trees, landscaping your yard will help it look more established and comfortable. This will give your garden form and structure, as well as frame the front of your house, and they'll add beauty now and, in the years, to follow. There is an old saying, “the person who plants a tree knowing they will not see its maturity, understands the meaning of life."

Important Tip:

Plant in the fall. Most garden centres cut prices in the fall. You can either save money or get a much more mature tree for the same money. Really a win/win/win. For you, your neighbours, and the planet.

So, let's start planting trees in our newer neighbourhoods! This will not only help the environment, but it will also reward you when it is time to sell!

Contact The Martin Group today for more information, or to find you the right home with beautiful and plentiful trees.


The third-best sales record in TRREB's history was recorded in August 2021. Though the market has seen its normal summer lull, the need for owning homes is evident. Simultaneously, the availability of housing is on the decline. Competition among home buyers has been increasing in this tight market, resulting in double-digit yearly price hikes.






Stats retrieved from TRREB



As shown in the graph above, according to TRREB's MLS System, Toronto real estate agents in the Greater Toronto Area saw a 19.9% drop in home sales in August 2021 compared to the previous year's record of 10,738, and new listings filed in the system were down 43 percent compared to the previous year's record of 18,599. Despite the decline, the average selling price continues to rise with a 12.6% increase.


This year's low number of new postings is really troubling. It implies that there is an undersupply of housing, and this will worsen when immigration to Canada increases. With the approaching federal election in mind, the federal parties have all put a focus on housing availability and affordability. 


If we take a further look into The Halton Region, more specifically Burlington and Oakville, you will see that there has also been a tremendous decrease in the number of sales and new listings.








Stats retrieved from TRREB



On average, a property in Halton Region costs $1,070,911, up by 3.8 percent according to the most recent MLS data. While the number of sales dropped by 27.5 percent, there was also a 41.7 percent reduction in new listings.


In all three locations, it's clear that now is a great time to sell your home. As a buyer, however, it appears to be considerably more difficult due to a slowdown in new listings and an increase in home values.



Let's take a closer look at how particular property types compare in Burlington and Oakville.







Stats retrieved from TRREB


The average price for all property types in Burlington and Oakville has risen. Prices increased by 3.8 percent in the Halton Region alone for all property types. The average price for detached homes in all of the Halton Region increased by 20.8 percent as a result of their popularity. The increasing popularity of detached and semi-detached homes in Oakville and Burlington was reflected in their 21.5% and 19% growth, respectively.


Although the number of sales and listings have declined in Oakville and Burlington, these cities remain popular in the GTA, where home demand continues to rise.


Click here to look at property listings in Burlington and Oakville!


The Martin Group is the go-to brokerage firm if you have any queries regarding the GTA or Halton Region real estate market, whether you're a property buyer or seller. We're here to help with everything you may need.


It’s that time of year again, schools in session! The kids are all getting pumped up in hopes of a better school year than the previous year. As we all know, the pandemic wreaked havoc on children's ability to obtain a proper education, resulting in school closures that forced them to study everything online rather than in person. So what is the 2021/2022 school year going to look like in Oakville and Burlington?


The Reopening Plan for the Halton School Board

The Halton District School Board states that students and staff will be back in secure and productive learning environments by September 2021. They pledge to maintain an inclusive, safe, and discrimination-free environment.


The Reopening School Guide for September 2021 covers five areas: health and family, operations, instruction, wellness and technology. It is essential to understand that things may change. 


Health and family

  • Student Self-Assessment and Screening
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Physical Distance
  • Masks, including cloth masks and face coverings
  • Enhanced Care Cleaning Procedures
  • Environment and Air Flow Fountains for Drinking
  • Student Learning Communities
  • Potential student with COVID-19 prior to entering school
  • Potential student with COVID-19 at School
  • Personal protective equipment used by staff members



They've put out a daily operational plan for a school's involvement in ensuring the safe reopening.


  • Family responsibilities
  • Student belongings
  • The school’s outdoor play structures facilitate entrance and exit points
  • School hours and student access
  • Lunch and food items
  • Academic Calendar
  • Before and after-school programs, early childhood educational programs
  • On-the-spot crisis resolution



The School Board will implement the Ministry of Education's new approach by creating a few days dedicated to face-to-face education in methods that are both engaging and student-centered.



Staff members will need to focus on helping kids become reacquainted with one another and rebuild a solid pattern of support as they return to school after being away for some time. Guidance counsellors, social workers, and other school-based support staff will provide all the assistance that students need.



We will provide students' support through a program geared for those studying through Distance Learning.


The details mentioned are the Halton District School Board's intention to reopen. Their website provides access to further data, and you can also contact your children's schools for more information. 


We've all been swept into a new educational and cultural reality with the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Working together, we can minimize the problems faced by our kids as school begins again.



Top Schools in Burlington and Oakville

Some of the best high-ranked public and Catholic schools are outlined below for elementary and secondary students.



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Contact Glenn Martin today if you have any inquiries about real estate or the schools in the local area.