Selling Your Home in The Summer? Highlight Outdoor Features and Sell for More

Selling Your Home in The Summer? Highlight Outdoor Features and Sell for More

Prepping the outside of a property significantly increases the value of your home by 10%-20%, according to real estate experts. With the nice weather outside, many homebuyers will pay more attention to the outdoor amenities a home comes with. Features like an outdoor chill area, a nice lawn or a charming backyard can all contribute to a more successful sale, so let's look at a few ideas that could help you land a perfect offer.

A Manicured Lawn

One of the first things to do is ensure your lawn is mowed and trimmed correctly. A tidy lawn indicates that the home is cared for and well-maintained. It is one of the first things homebuyers notice when they show up for a visit.

A Nice Flower Garden

Flower gardens are one of the most classic but also the most beautiful front yard features you can go for. The sight of flowers never gets boring! However, to avoid high-maintenance flowers, use native plants that grow well in the GTA. Put a few colourful potted plants on the porch for a more versatile look.
A Lounge Area With A BBQ

One of my favourite summer activities is barbecuing with family and friends. Many GTA homebuyers are outdoorsy people who emphasize the outdoor amenities of a house. Setting up a BBQ area in the backyard with a cozy lounge corner on the patio can be the best investment to increase your home's selling potential. If you live in a condo and the building allows BBQs, be sure to add an electric or gas grill to the balcony. Condo buyers usually hope for maximum balcony space utilization, they will be thrilled to see a BBQ corner there.
 A Mini Playground

If you have a house with a backyard, your target buyers will most likely be young families. So, to cater to your target audience, you can set up a kids' corner in the backyard with a swing, sandbox, backyard slide or a playset to woo the many parents who often screen listings that fit their kids' needs. Dedicated areas reserved for little ones will instantly draw the desired attention.
The Right Lighting

Besides making us feel safer at night, exterior lighting also gives a unique charm to the outside setting. With plenty of choices for the front and backyard, you can pick from many styles and shapes, ranging from ground LED lighting to romantic lantern light fixtures.
Your home's exterior is almost as important as the interior, and summer is the perfect season to invest in outdoor amenities to attract the most homebuyers. For personalized tips to prepare your home's exterior to attract buyers, contact Martin Group today.

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