A modern dining room with a modern table and chairs. There is a swimming pool visible through the windows behind the table.

Families Who Value Staycations and Summer Enjoyment Continue to Seek out Homes with Pools

Swimming pools are enjoyable in the heat, but they haven't always been a top-selling feature in real estate. They don't appeal to every homebuyer who isn't interested in the cost, upkeep, or safety concerns that come with a seasonal feature. However, the demand for swimming pools is only one more way the GTA real estate market has changed during the pandemic. 
When it comes to pool popularity, COVID-19 caused many homebuyers to opt for a pool within their home. Simultaneously, demand has risen for larger homes with more outdoor space, as well as a reduction in leisure and entertainment locations. People were on the lookout for some of the hottest real estate in the GTA when they decided to buy a property with a pool. In a year of heated competition among property purchasers, it turned out that pooled homes were fetching slightly higher prices. As an example, some homes with pools sold for nearly $200,000 more than homes without pools.
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In Need of a Vacation?

Families determined that travelling less due to the pandemic and spending more time at home was the best option. Obviously, the more delightful your home is, the more likely you are to miss travelling less and enjoy your home more.

Advantages of Having a Pool

Make a Low-Impact Exercise Option for Yourself - Swimming pools are used for more than just having fun. Owning a swimming pool is like owning a home gym, but only better. Every resident within the home has access to the pool, which allows them to exercise at any time and in a low-impact manner.
Increase the Value of Your Home - Pool installation typically has a lower return on investment than other renovations such as kitchen or bathroom modifications. With the pandemic, however, the return on investment for pools has increased due to the fact that more homeowners are searching for properties with a swimming pool.
Take Advantage of the Convenience and Privacy - In today's hectic environment, finding privacy might be challenging. Having a swimming pool offers natural privacy, allowing you to enjoy a quiet paradise at any time.
Host Get-Togethers and Parties - If you enjoy entertaining guests at your house, you'll enjoy throwing poolside parties. Pools are ideal locations for gatherings and makes organizing a get-together simpler.
When in search of a home with a pool, don’t let the pool be your only focus. Look out for these 6 Warning Signs That Could Mean Expensive Repairs.

What’s Involved with Managing a Pool?

When it comes time to sell, a poorly kept pool will depreciate the value of your home (If you decide to sell in the future). Weekly testing and monitoring of pool water is required, as well as the addition of salt or other chemicals on a regular basis. Pools frequently require more comprehensive treatment. Skimming leaves from the surface, vacuuming the pool, cleaning the skimmer, and backwashing the filter are all weekly activities. Even when the owners are out on vacation, these chores require constant attention. Annual start-up and shutdown for the season, as well as long-term fixture and structural maintenance, are all factors to consider. Many pool owners perform their own maintenance, while others hire someone to do it for them.
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